Black Diamond Formalwear


Black Diamond Formalwear prides itself on providing the best quality and service possible. Our commitment to offer the most up to date styles at fair prices has never wavered. We have over 30 years of experience and always guarantee that our products live up to your expectations.



AB3 Vette


Black Parker


Classic White Notch

Grey Kristoff

Spectre Shawl


Experience Matters

Experience does matter when selecting the right line of tuxedos and formalwear for you to choose from.

Whether we focus on style, fabric or make sure we have all your sizes covered, we carefully research all aspects of our inventory several months before it’s available to you. When it comes to your special day, experience most certainly matters

Our Promise

​We are so committed to making your experience with Black Diamond Formalwear a great one, that we offer the following promise.

If our service or any of our products ever fall below your expectations for any reason, we will make sure that we remedy it immediately.